Brexit round-up – referendum promises, EU position, UK position, Ireland, single market, Brexit bill, ECJ

As I am taking a break from active tweeting (and am instead just promoting my posts and so on), this is a round-up of interesting links on Brexit and similar stuff. Brexit referendum – campaign Interesting, from criminal solicitor-advocate Nicholas Diable: Since Lord Sugar suggested criminal charges over the Brexit bus I looked into whether … Read more

“In some possible branches of the future leaving will be an error” – an exchange about Brexit with Dominic Cummings

Yesterday evening, I had a tweet exchange with Dominic Cummings, the architect of the (official) Leave campaign. His candour and openness was striking. Many regard him as a controversial and negative figure.  But there is none of the platitudes and evasions of the politicians of both sides on Brexit.  It is worth, therefore, reading what … Read more

Brexit: Whatever happened to the “row of the summer”?

On Friday this blog asked whether there had been a UK government u-turn on “sequencing” in the Brexit negotiations, which started today. Sequencing is (or at least was) important for the UK. Article 50 envisages two agreements: an exit (or divorce) agreement, dealing with issues related to the departure, and an agreement on future relations, which … Read more

The examples that show May is not “getting on with the job” on Brexit

The UK prime minister Theresa May often uses the phrase “getting on with the job” in respect of her government’s approach to Brexit. This in turn is part of her supposed “strong and stable” leadership. Rhetoric, of course, is one thing. But there are at least three ways in which May’s government has not got … Read more