Legal advice

If you want to instruct me as a lawyer or to obtain formal legal advice, you have to contact me at my law firm – details here.

I advise on contentious and non-contentions media and commercial matters generally, and I have specialist knowledge of contract law, mainstream and social media, public law, defamation, confidentiality and privacy,  public procurement, and freedom of information. (I freely admit that I know (almost) nothing about many other areas of law.)

I am afraid that I do have to normally charge for my legal work, though I do a lot of pro bono work through referrals.  I can rarely do pro bono work as a result of direct contact by strangers.  That said, I am usually happy to give a preliminary view on a matter without a charge.

None of my writing on the internet either on this blog or elsewhere – including Twitter – constitutes legal advice.

This is not just a casual disclaimer – legal advice can often depend on particular circumstances.  If you can, instruct a lawyer.

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