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Welcome to the Jack of Kent blog.  

Jack of Kent is the name of the blog, not of its author.

Jack of Kent was a character in medieval English midlands’ and Welsh folklore, associated with stories of getting the better of the Devil by concentrating on what was actually said  (see this Wikipedia page).

At the time I started blogging, it seemed a good name for a critical blog.

My name is David Allen Green.  I am also legal commentator atFT.com and the former legal correspondent of the New Statesman.

I blog mainly about law and policy, from a liberal and critical perspective. Highlights of my previous blogging include:

– the Simon Singh libel case and helping the campaign for what became the Defamation Act 2013;

– the “TwitterJokeTrial” case;

– uncovering the hack of the Nightjack account by a reporter at the Times newspaper;

– revealing the existence of a Memorandum of Understanding between the UK Home Office and the Saudi interior ministry; and

– exposing the activities of the UK’s Ministry of Justice’s “Just Solutions International” and its bid to assist the Saudi prison service.

I am  now blogging a lot about Brexit.

I won a national award in 2013 for “mainstream media blogger”.  I have also been longlisted and shortlisted for the George Orwell prize for political writing in the blogging category.  In 2016 I was shortlisted for being “digital journalist of the year“.

I also happen to be a qualified lawyer.  My claim to fleeting legal fame was as appeal solicitor in the “Twitter Joke Trial” case.

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I can be contacted at [email protected]  (however, if you want to contact me for legal advice, please click here).

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The murder of Daniel Morgan

I have recently become interested in the case of Daniel Morgan, who was killed in March 1987.

Morgan worked as a private investigator.  His business partner was Jonathan Rees, who later became one of the main private investigators used by Fleet Street.  Rees was first arrested in connection with the murder in 1987; and in March 2011 he was acquitted of the murder when a trial collapsed at the Old Bailey.

The original police investigation into the death of Morgan was worse than desultory; it was undoubtedly corrupt.   There were then a number of inquiries and case reviews, none of which ended with a successful prosecution.  Over 25 years the case smacked of police corruption and systemic failure.  In this way, the case is akin to that of Stephen Lawrence.Recently the case came back into the news because of an incident in 2002-3 when the police officer commanding the investigation and his wife, a presenter of Crimewatch, were subjected to surveillance by the News of the World, with whom Rees had close connections.   The wife was Jacqui Hames, and yesterday she gave sensational evidence to the Leveson Inquiry.  She alleged that the News of the World allowed its resources to be used so as to frustrate the murder investigation, which was still then ongoing.  This alllegation brings the Morgan case within the remit of module 2 of the Leveson Inquiry, on “press and police”.  The Leveson Inquiry may well follow it up.

My first post on the murder of Daniel Morgan was today at the New Statesman, and it deals with that significant allegation of Hames.  Also today, Tom Watson MP in an adjournment debate managed to get the government to order a full forensic review and to keep open the prospect of a proper judicial inquiry.

For 25 years the family of Daniel Morgan have campaigned for justice.  Their website is here and their fine campaign can also be followed on Twitter.

New Website!

I have finally got my own website!

My intention is to use this new website for blogging as well as for creating detailed resource pages on issues I write about (including BCA v Simon Singh, TwitterJokeTrial, NightJack, Johann Hari, phone and computer hacking, libel and privacy law, and so on).  I will also use this website for linking to my writing elsewhere (mainly at the New Statesman and The Lawyer), and for links to my podcasting (especially Without Prejudice) and activism (usually through Westminster Skeptics).

The old blog will remain at http://jackofkent.blogspot.com/ for now (or as long as Blogger allows), but the intention is to move most of the useful material from my posts there over here for the dedicated resource pages, which will be added to or amended over time.  These resource pages will also be open to comments.

It is rather strange starting an entirely new website; it has been four-and-a-half years since I started Jack of Kent on Blogger.  Any constructive comments on this website welcome; indeed, to begin with, so will any comments at all!  And bear with me, I may well make some mistakes here as I start something new.

Many thanks to the estimable Alan Henness for his work on setting this website up for me. I disregarded a lot of what he said, so all the faults you will notice are entirely my fault…