Theresa May and John Constantine

One of the best stories – perhaps the best – of John Constantine, the sardonic DC comics street-mage, is Dangerous Habits (1991).

In this tale the dying Constantine stays alive by the simple and sensible expedient of promising his soul to three separate demons of Hell.

This means that the three demons then have to strive officiously to keep him alive, so as to avoid a civil war in Hell if Constantine dies.

(By outwitting devils, Constantine is very much in the tradition of the folklore character after whom this blog is named.)


The predicament of Theresa May and the Conservative Party is similar.

Few if anyone positively wants May to remain Prime Minister, probably not even May herself.

But the factions of the Tories know that if she goes, especially before Brexit is completed, then there will be a hellish civil war in their party.

One can stay alive a long time, sometimes, when people are desperate for you not to fall.


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