Brexit: a story of a brainstorm

Today the Cabinet are having an away day, where they will “brainstorm” (horrendous verb) what they mean by Brexit.


You can almost imagine the Prime Minister standing there with a white flipchart and a new pack of marker pens, trying to get the awkward silences to end.

You can also imagine “Brexit” written on the top of the first sheet of the flipchart, with the “t” a little crushed, as not enough room had been left for it.

Under the word “Brexit” the rest of the sheet of the flipchart, of course, remains blank.

“Well, lets think about what Brexit does not mean,” says May.


“Does it mean…not….Brexit?” ventures one minister.

Silence resumes.

Suddenly the prime minister takes a new marker pen, and draws a line across the flipchart sheet.

“This is our red line,” she says, proudly.

Silence again.

“Let’s have coffee and resume this shortly.”

Everyone nods.

In the conference room the flipchart is now ignored.

“I do like these biscuits.”


This was originally on Twitter – some the replies to the tweets are brilliant.


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