FT post on Theresa May, Hillsborough, human rights law and the politics of superficiality

I have a new post at the Financial Times on how the superficial politics of Theresa May – especially her statements about human rights law – do not match with things such as the new Hillsborough Inquest. In brief: the new Hillsborough Inquest could not have ranged as widely without Article 2 of the ECHR having effect in … Read more

Law and policy round-up: Theresa May’s call for the UK to leave the ECHR

Human Rights and ECHR Theresa May, the Home Secretary, gave a speech yesterday which included a call for the United Kingdom to leave the European Convention on Human Rights. The speech is set out in full at ConservativeHome, and (as it appears to be a statement on behalf of her department) it is also now on the Home … Read more