Farewell to BorisWatch

There is dreadful news today that Tom Barry – BorisWatch – has died.

“BorisWatch” – I never really knew him as Tom and only met him once in person though I knew him online – was one of a number of bloggers and tweeters who emerged a few years ago to make political points on social media that seemed not to be being made elsewhere.  This was at a time when few mainstream journalists had twitter accounts or even blogged.

At the time social media offered a way for new political voices to be heard, and BorisWatch was one of those new voices: informed, focused, critical, often witty, and always happy to engage.

He wasn’t always right – of course, nobody is – but he was always worth reading, and he was the first tweeter to ask about any new development in London politics.

BorisWatch will be missed.


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