Just Solutions international: a timeline

This timeline sets out and links to the public domain information about  the shadowy and curious “Just Solutions international” (“JSi” – complete with gimmicky lower-case “i”).   This timeline is intended to complement my substantive posts on JSi and will be updated from time to time. 2004 The Home Office publish the Carter Review, Managing Offenders, Reducing Crime: A New … Read more

Is it a criminal offence to watch a video?

The Metropolitan Police put out an alarmist statement this week that, in certain circumstances, merely viewing a video could constitute a criminal offence under terrorist legislation. This is, of course, false. There is no such terrorism offence for viewing a video, and the Met could not substantiate their claim when challenged.  It seems to me … Read more

NightJack – resource page

This is the resource page for anyone following the NightJack story.  This resource page will be updated from time to time.  Comments and suggestions welcome.My narrative of what happened is now at the New Statesman.NightJack archive The original NightJack blog (February 2008 to April 2009) was pulled down when the Times threatened to out its author.  Thankfully, the NightJack … Read more