The Ministry of Justice is telling people with learning difficulties that they are guilty unless they can prove themselves innocent

Easy Reads are a good thing.  Done properly, they can explain difficult concepts and complex processes to people who happen to have learning difficulties. But given this target audience, it is all the more important that Easy Reads are accurate as well as accessible. The UK Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has just published an Easy Read … Read more

The Ministry of Justice and the Saudis: ten more unanswered questions

At 10:46 this morning I emailed the following questions to the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) press office for answers by 17:00 (for a follow-up piece to this detailed post on the serious conflict of interest created by the proposed MoJ commercial deal with the Saudi state): 1. Who is the Saudi representative at the [global law] summit? [MoJ … Read more

A conflict of interest: the Saudi state and the UK’s Ministry of Justice

#UK & #Saudi Ministers of Justice – Rt Hon Chris Grayling & Dr al Issa – sign mou on judicial — UKinSaudiArabia (@UKinSaudiArabia) September 11, 2014 The proposed commercial deal between the Saudi Arabian state and the UK’s Ministry of Justice (MoJ) – whereby the Saudis will pay some £5.9 million for MoJ assistance for its punishment system – … Read more

The Ministry of Justice and the Saudis: the unanswered questions

[Note added 27th January 2015, I eventually got answers, see this detailed post.] So yesterday I asked the press office of the Ministry of Justice questions about its £5.9 million “commercial” proposal to the punishment system Saudi Arabia (see here and here): 1. Can I please have a copy of the MoU signed between the Secretary of State and … Read more

The MoJ and the Saudis

Over at the Financial Times website I have a post on the Ministry of Justice’s proposed deal with the punishment system in Saudi Arabia.  Please go and read it – access is free (for a number of pieces a month) though registration is required. The piece was prompted by the revelation of the deal by David Hencke … Read more