Being complimented by Dorries and Delingpole

I was delighted that yesterday Nadine Dorries MP mentioned me in a tweet with the “herooftheweek”hashtag.

After all, I rarely tweet about her.  There is usually no need; everything one really should know about Dorries is ably provided by my friend Tim Ireland.

The only time I have written about Dorries at length was when she was found by the Parliamentary Commissioner and her fellow MPs to have been deliberately misleading her own constituents.   She often asserts she was “cleared” by the Commissioner; and so she was, but it was on the curious basis of the Commissioner holding that what she blogged about was knowingly untrue.

It is nice to know that my libel-safe November 2010 post still resonates so much for her to mention me in a tweet in April 2012.

Dorries linked in turn to a supportive post by James Delingpole, which praised my work on civil liberties.

This is especially kind of him, for when he congratulated me on the post exposing Johann Hari as David Rose, I remember mentioning something about Hari still being a better journalist than Delingpole.

So it is rather gracious of him not to repeat that exchange in a post which – flatteringly – seems devoted entirely to me.

In return, it is only right for me to recall what was perhaps Delingpole’s greatest moment.

Compliments like these, and from such quarters, make blogging worthwhile.

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