George Orwell and the ridicule of extremists

Today’s mockery on Twitter of the Creeping Sharia hashtag prompted my friend Andrew Haydon to tweet: “Love how #CreepingSharia amply demonstrates that there is no Defence more English than taking this piss out of extremists. Of any stripe…” This in turn reminded me of George Orwell’s wise comments on laughing at fascists: “One rapid but fairly sure guide to the social … Read more

Being complimented by Dorries and Delingpole

I was delighted that yesterday Nadine Dorries MP mentioned me in a tweet with the “herooftheweek”hashtag. After all, I rarely tweet about her.  There is usually no need; everything one really should know about Dorries is ably provided by my friend Tim Ireland. The only time I have written about Dorries at length was when she was found by the Parliamentary … Read more