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Daniel Morgan was murdered in 1987.

Five successive police investigations failed to result in any successful prosecution.   There is wide concern that the investigations were compromised by police corruption.  There is also an allegation that the News of the World (a client of one of the suspects) was involved at one point in the surveillance of an investigating officer.

In May 2013 it was announced that there will be a judge-led inquiry into the murder and what followed.  It may well be that the inquiry uncovers a complex and worrying story of corruption involving the media, the Met and the private detective industry over the last twenty or so years.

The links below are to key posts and materials so to inform those following the inquiry.  This page will be updated regularly.


Introductory links

My background post at New Statesman – October 2012

(Also watch or read Tom Watson MP’s speech – see below)

Brown Moses: Hackgate – Introduction to Daniel Morgan case – May 2012

Detailed Rough Justice documentary on YouTube – June 2012

Radio 4 documentary – August 2011 (transcript)

Justice 4 Daniel campaign page

Wikipedia page

Murdermap entry – useful summary and links

(Add 13/5 – Peter Jukes has now kindly made publicly available on his website the passage dealing with Daniel Morgan in his excellent book The Fall of the House of Murdoch.  Jukes looks at this matter from the fascinating perspective of its significance for the Murdochs and News International.)


Background: parliamentary materials

Tom Watson MP – Speech to Parliament, February 2012 – Video  –  Hansard transcript

Early Day Motion – November 2011


Background: Met corruption and the private detective industry

Graeme McLagan’s two Guardian articles from 2002 (here and here), and also from 2011

Also see Graeme McLagan’s Bent Coppers


Nick Davies – Guardian article on Jonathan Rees – March 2011 (Also this in June 2011)

Also see Nick Davies’ Flat Earth News 


Background: the alleged News of the World surveillance

Jacqui Hames witness statement at the Leveson Inquiry (especially paragraphs 30-41)

Nick Davies article on role of Rebekah Brooks – July 2011

Andy Davies of Channel 4 – interview with Jacqui Hames – July 2011

Daily Telegraph news report – July 2011

Detailed post at Brown Moses blog – September 2012


Background: Collapse of Old Bailey Trial, March 2011

CPS statement

Guardian report and analysis (co-written by Nick Davies)

Daily Mail report (with useful pics)

(Also see John Yates piece below.)

21 March 2012 – Joint Met and CPS statement on report into collapse of trial.

May 2012 – Review into “Operation Abelard II” by the Crown Prosecution Service and the Metropolitan Police Service


Journalism up to May 2013

Andy Davies of Channel 4 is the mainstream media journalist who has particular interest in this story.

His excellent pieces:   July 2011 –  also in July 2011 – November 2011 – February 2012  – May 2012


Announcement of Inquiry

Ministerial statement – 10 May 2013

Statement by Morgan family– 10 May 2013


Key individuals – reaction to announcement

Newsnight interview with Alastair Morgan

Channel 4 news item, with interview with Alastair Morgan  – video

Channel 4 interview with Sir Ian Blair – video

Article by John Yates in Independent


Commentary on announcement

Andy Davies at Channel 4 news – report

Peter Jukes at the Daily Beast

Duncan Campbell at the Guardian

Me at New Statesman

Press Gazette

Tim Fenton at Zelo Street


Progress of Inquiry since 2013

Daniel Morgan Panel website

Resignation of first head of inquiry – 11 September 2013

Written ministerial statement on new members for the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel – 11 September 2013

Interview with Alastair Morgan by the Artist Taxi Driver – 9 October 2013

Ministerial statement on new head of inquiry – 3 July 2014

Daniel Morgan Murder: Scotland Yard Obstructs Panel Inquiry – 11 December 2014

No Justice yet for Daniel Morgan – David Hencke, 19 December 2014

New members appointed to Daniel Morgan Independent Panel – 22 December 2014

Met police hindered inquiry into private eye’s death, says victim’s brother – Guardian report, 5 January 2015

Daniel Morgan Inquiry: panel poleaxed by row over police files – Exaro News,  20 January 2015

Revealed: How the Daniel Morgan Inquiry got nowhere for a year – David Hencke, 27 January 2015

Daniel Morgan Panel seeks information from public – 9 March 2015

Alastair Morgan writes to Rupert Murdoch – 10 March 2015

Rupert Murdoch replies to Alastair Morgan – 12 March 2015

Peter Jukes’ post detailing the above exchange between Alastair Morgan and Rupert Murdoch – March 2015



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    1. Thank you, and added.

      I have also added Graeme McLagan’s two 2002 pieces, which make fascinating reading in hindsight…

  1. There’s a book called “Untouchables” by Michael Gillard and Laurie Flynn about police corruption in the Met during the 1990’s. Has a chapter on the Morgan case and other chapters touch on linked issues.

    Can get it quite cheap on Kindle: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Untouchables-Dirty-Justice-Racism-Scotland/dp/1903813042/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1368389130&sr=1-1&keywords=untouchables

    Or for about 20 quid in paperback: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Untouchables-justice-racism-Scotland-Bloomsbury/dp/144820903X/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1368389130&sr=1-2&keywords=untouchables

    1. Thanks – I won’t add these (yet) to the head post above; but they are *very* useful for anyone wanting more detailed and informed analysis.

    1. Cheers Peter – it is very kind of you to provide this. Do you have a link for people to buy your excellent book?

  2. Theresa may mentioned this in an attack on the police, at the federation conference, the murder inquiry is still on going, but if find it odd that a crime so clearly linked with news international, when they were working all our for a Tory victory, and breaking the law aka phone hacking to try to smear the unions at wrapping and using the police at Wapping to go all out to try to break the unions,by using, false allegation,to destroy fleet street, seems to have slipped Mays mind,

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