Brexit round-up – James Chapman, Gina Miller, UK position, City of London, Scotland

10th August 2017

As I am taking a break from active tweeting (and am instead on Twitter just to promote my posts and so on), this is a round-up of interesting links and tweets on Brexit and similar stuff.


The debate on Brexit – James Chapman

The emergence of James Chapman as a Remainer at this latest stage of the Brexit debate is a bit like Euron Greyjoy coming along in the recent episodes of Game of Thrones.

Chapman’s fearless glee in taking on his opponents has certainly shaken things up a bit, whether or not you agree with him (I don’t fwiw).  His Twitter feed is here.

Why is his entry into the debate significant? Well:

This is a Reuters news report on some of Chapman’s contributions to the Brexit debate: “Stop EU exit ‘catastrophe’, says UK Brexit minister’s ex-chief of staff“.


Parliament and Article 50 – Gina Miller

Gina Miller has done more for the independence and supremacy of the UK parliament than any parliamentarian one can think of.  It was her (and others’) legal case that led the Supreme Court holding that it was for parliament and not the executive to make the Article 50 decision.

And now, this horrific story at The Guardian: “Gina Miller afraid to leave her home after threats of acid attacks


Brexit negotiations – UK position

Politico Europe has this: “Britain launches Brexit charm offensive:
London has become increasingly sensitive to suggestions the UK is underprepared for Brexit”

Great piece at Sky News on the upcoming politics of Brexit and the position papers, by Beth Rigby: “Real battles for PM around the corner

Financial Times: “Theresa May’s cabinet split three ways over Brexit transition


Brexit issues – City of London

Financial Times:A stark warning on the cost of Brexit indecision: The financial sector will soon have to act on a worst-case scenario


Brexit issues – Scotland

An interesting development – more of that charm offensive, perhaps:

And finally…


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