Brexit round-up – James Chapman, Repeal Bill and Francovich, Trade, Customs, ECJ and domestic courts

11h August 2017

As I am taking a break from active tweeting (and am instead on Twitter just to promote my posts and so on), this is a round-up of interesting links and tweets on Brexit and similar stuff.


The Brexit debate

James Chapman continues to throw grenades:


Brexit Repeal Bill

The Times does a good report on the (obvious?) point that once EU law eases to have effect, remedies under EU law such as “Francovich” damages (for UK’s failure to properly implement EU law) are no longer are available.


Brexit issues – trade

Good piece at the Financial Times by Gemma Tetlow on the practicalities of Brexit without a customs deal:


Brexit issues – European Court of Justice (and domestic judiciary)

Stonking editorial at Financial Times (nothing to do with me!) on Brexit and domestic judicial independence.


And finally…



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