“…one of the best bloggers in Britain” — Nick Cohen

 “…masterly analysis…” – Leveson Report


Welcome to Jack of Kent.  

My name is David Allen Green, and I am author of the Jack of Kent Blog.  I am also legal commentator at FT.com and the former legal correspondent of the New Statesman.

I blog mainly about law and policy, from a liberal and critical perspective. Highlights of my previous blogging include:

– the Simon Singh libel case and helping the campaign for what became the Defamation Act 2013;

– the “TwitterJokeTrial” case;

– uncovering the hack of the Nightjack account by a reporter at the Times newspaper;

– uncovering “David Rose”;

– revealing the legal mythology of Julian Assange;

– revealing the existence of a Memorandum of Understanding between the UK Home Office and the Saudi interior ministry; and

– exposing the activities of the UK’s Ministry of Justice’s “Just Solutions International” and its bid to assist the Saudi prison service.

I won a national award in 2013 for “mainstream media blogger”.  I have also been longlisted and shortlisted for the George Orwell prize for political writing in the blogging category.  In 2016 I was shortlisted for being “digital journalist of the year“.

I also happen to be a qualified lawyer.  My claim to fleeting legal fame was as appeal solicitor in the “Twitter Joke Trial” case.


About Jack of Kent

Jack of Kent was a character in medieval English midlands’ and Welsh folklore, associated with stories of getting the better of the devil by concentrating on what was actually said  (see this Wikipedia page).

At the time I started blogging, it seemed a good name for a critical blog.


Contact me

I can be contacted at jackofkent@gmail.com  (however, if you want to contact me for legal advice, please click here).

You can follow me on Twitter.  There is also a Facebook page.