Brexit negotiations: Key Round Three documents

10th September 2017

I have added the following documents to the Brexit negotiation resource page, following Round Three of the Brexit negotiations on  28th to 31st August 2017:

David Davis’ opening remarks on 28 August 2017 at the start of the third round of EU exit negotiations

Speech by Michel Barnier on 31st August  2017 at the press conference following the third round of Article 50 negotiations

David Davis’ closing remarks at the end of the third round of EU exit negotiations in Brussels

David Davis’ statement to the House of Commons on the second and third rounds of the Article 50 negotiations.

The joint technical note on EU-UK positions on citizens’ rights after third round of negotiations, 31st August 2017  – this summarises the UK and EU positions and compares them following the 3rd round of Art. 50 negotiations

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    1. Thank you for adding that. Please do add such links in the comments to posts, though I will keep the posts primarily for official documents.

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