A thought experiment – what would the Tories say?

10th September 2017

Imagine a general election.

Imagine Corbyn and Labour are largest party but with no overall majority.

Imagine a “confidence and supply” £1 billion deal with another party so as to give the Labour party an overall majority on key votes.

Imagine Corbyn then brings forward a “Austerity (Withdrawal) Bill” providing ministers with widest statutory powers to make, amend, or repeal laws.

Imagine the minority Labour government rigging the committee system so that they have majorities, outside scope of the “confidence and supply” deal.

Imagine the minority Labour government getting rid of Queen’s Speech for two years, so that there was no chance it could lose such a particular vote.

Imagine the minority Labour government legislating that *any* deal it does with EU can be implemented as law by ministerial discretion.

And now imagine what the Tories would say to any of that.


[Based on this thread.]


6 thoughts on “A thought experiment – what would the Tories say?”

  1. … and imagine what would happen if the court upholds the challenge being brought by McLean claiming that the government is guilty of bribing the DUP and of breaching its obligations to impartiality under the Good Friday agreement. Imagine what would happen if the government of the day is found to have no legitimacy by the courts which would surely stem from a verdict favourable to the plaintiff. We live in very interesting times – as the curse would have it.

  2. I remain (excuse the pun) completely baffled by how it seems to have been almost meekly allowed.
    Whilst enough of our country is led along by the influence of the main stream media, still not enough yet is done about a situation where over a Billion pounds can be shook from a ‘magic’ tree, which exists after all when needed.
    Yet whilst all this continues to be allowed, more and more public sector workers, especially the dwindling numbers of nurses, are having to survive more and more each day due to the need to turn to food banks.

    It hasn’t been a ‘Great’ Britain for far too long.

  3. If a government cannot govern with the powers provided by the constitution it is better if it holds an election. Forcing through a policy by unscrupulous methods which does not have the full support of Parliament is a recipe for chaos and, if carried to excess, may lead ultimately to revolution.

  4. We must be thankful that this scenario is (a) not happening and (b) not likely to happen!
    I see and hear much rubbish about the £1 billion invested by Mrs May it must be remembered that £1 billion divided by 30,000,000 (roughly the number of voters in the UK) is about £30 quid, imagine the cost to the British people of having Corbyn and McDonell in power?

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