The Cummings exchange – which news sites credited it, and which did not

4th July 2017

Just as an exercise in how these things work, it is interesting to see how my Twitter exchange with Domininc Cummings was picked up by news sites.

Both the BBC and the Evening Standard sites provided credit for the Twitter exchange.

The Huffington Post embedded the reply tweets but without any further credit.

Disappointingly, both the Independent and the Mirror reported the exchange without providing any credit at all.

That is a poor show.

There is no problem reporting tweets, of course – they are public domain – but to take an exchange which was instigated and followed-through by a commentator without crediting them cannot be right.

For what it is worth, I always go out of my way to credit other media sites (and tweeters and commenters generally) when I can.  News and comment is largely collaborative exercise after all.


Mirror has amended its copy.  3000+ shares later of the piece later, but still appreciated.


The Independent has finally updated its story to include credit – 13k+ shares later, but it is the thought…

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