Why the Great Repeal Bill will, in truth, be the Great Whitehall Power Grab

20th March 2017

My post today at the FT on how the Great Repeal Bill will turn out to be the Great Whitehall Power Grab – and why there is no alternative to this.

With added Voltaire, and some Henry VIII.


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3 thoughts on “Why the Great Repeal Bill will, in truth, be the Great Whitehall Power Grab”

  1. This seems a curmudgeonly attitude to the complexities of extricating ourselves from alien legislation.

    It is obvious and sensible to start this process by transferring all the legislation over to our control. I note, in passing, that EU supporters were anxious to explain that there was really very little EU legislation embedded in UK laws BEFORE the referendum, while AFTER the referendum precisely the opposite was claimed.

    Only once legislation is completely under our control can we reliably improve, amend or delete it. This is simply the first step of the process. Once it has happened, there will then be a period during which the required changes, including repeals, will be prioritised, and only then will we be able to make our legislation suit ourselves alone…

  2. How much legislation will actually be repealed by the Great Repeal Bill? Surely just one Act, the European Communities Act 1970. But then the Great Repeal Bill will immediately re-enact all of the EU law that the European Communities Act brings into force.

    It will in fact be the Great European Law Re-enactment Bill.

    It will also include sweeping powers to enable ministers to make regulations to amend the primary law – so it will also be an Enabling Act, if you will. If that does not make you shudder, it should.

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