Brexit and the WTO schedules

28th February 2017

Today’s post at the FT is about Brexit and the WTO schedules.

In this post I argue  that there is one way in which Brexit will *not* be as complicated as initially feared.

WTO renegotiation will be undoubtedly fiddly and tiresome – about as complex a technical readjustment as one can imagine – but it is ultimately not a predicament but a chore.

The post already has the sort of comments which make online abuse worth it:


2 thoughts on “Brexit and the WTO schedules”

  1. Jack, helpful, but you underestimate the difficulty of the UK as an individual country negotiating its own WTO schedules. According to a speech delivered on 7 June last year by the Director General of the WTO to the World Trade Symposium organised by the FT, this task could take several years. These schedules could not be cut & pasted from the EU’s own WTO terms. The process would need the unanimous agreement of all WTO members, each with their own interests. In some cases, he said, the process took 10 years or more. It would be impossible to say how long it would take in the UK’s case.

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