Brexit: a story of a brainstorm

31st August 2016

Today the Cabinet are having an away day, where they will “brainstorm” (horrendous verb) what they mean by Brexit.


You can almost imagine the Prime Minister standing there with a white flipchart and a new pack of marker pens, trying to get the awkward silences to end.

You can also imagine “Brexit” written on the top of the first sheet of the flipchart, with the “t” a little crushed, as not enough room had been left for it.

Under the word “Brexit” the rest of the sheet of the flipchart, of course, remains blank.

“Well, lets think about what Brexit does not mean,” says May.


“Does it mean…not….Brexit?” ventures one minister.

Silence resumes.

Suddenly the prime minister takes a new marker pen, and draws a line across the flipchart sheet.

“This is our red line,” she says, proudly.

Silence again.

“Let’s have coffee and resume this shortly.”

Everyone nods.

In the conference room the flipchart is now ignored.

“I do like these biscuits.”


This was originally on Twitter – some the replies to the tweets are brilliant.


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8 thoughts on “Brexit: a story of a brainstorm”

  1. I do hope they have one of those team building exercises where the entire cabinet has to cross an imaginary alligator infested river using only their wits, some planks of wood and a length of rope.

    Come to think of it it is quite allegorical :)

  2. On the other hand, if we want a good outcome for us all, and BREXIT is inevitable, don’t we want our political leaders to spend some time thinking about how to make this work? Isn’t that what this is? A team of meanders spending some time thinking together, so they can work towards the best possible option as a team? Isn’t that part of good transform?

    1. Think about this too hard and it’s hard not to scream.

      They got the nation to vote on what the nation should do.

      The nation ‘decided’.

      Now, only now, are the government starting to define what that decision meant.

      We signed a goddamned blank cheque, did we not?

  3. Something serious is turning into farce.

    Hard to know what is in Mrs May’s mind.

    Will she follow the ‘only doing my job’ path. The path of least resistance from her own party.

    Or is she waiting for her party to start getting the wind up as they look over the cliff and collectively scream ‘nooooo’.

    Or is she hoping that the EU will morph into something she can call acceptably different.

    Hard to know because Home Secretaries are usually obedient establishment souls.

    Lends a certain suspense to the unfolding drama with a horrible feeling the playwright had no idea when penning the play.

  4. Such a waste of time and resources that could have been much better spent focusing on planning and growing the UK economy within the EU. Interestingly the litigation concerning Article 50, power of the PM and royal prerogative appears to be receiving low level of media coverage.

  5. Fingers crossed they get it all just right, it is what (just over half) of the public voted for and they need to make it work.

    The EU continues to show why the leave vote won and seem determined to press the self-destruct button…

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