Brexit Diary: UK’s six tasks, and the need for French lessons

28th July 2016

The immensity of what needs to be done by the UK is becoming plain.  One excellent post on this is Six Brexit deals that Theresa May must strike by Charles Grant.  government. 

And, in the meantime, it seems Michel Barnier is not going to make it easy for the UK.



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One thought on “Brexit Diary: UK’s six tasks, and the need for French lessons”

  1. Am I alone in suspecting that Prime Minister May may already sense the denouement of Brexit. After much labouring, consultations with the Scots, the Northern Irish, various European nations in the language of their choice, the new President of the U.S., etcetera and so forth, one suspects that an outline of a term sheet for the divorce may begin to emerge. One may not be surprised if the price and collateral consequences of an actual exit will bear little resemblance to the “promises” of the Leave campaigners. Boris, trapped as Foreign Secretary, will turn slowly or quickly in the wind as he bears the responsibility for explaining it.
    Since any formal Article 50 notification will require an Act of Parliament, one might expect either a refusal by Parliament or, if the MP’s don’t have the stomach to make the decision in the best interests of the country, a fresh reference to the people. Referendum II and, voila, no exit. Requisite weeping, gnashing of teeth, blame Nigel, Michael and Boris, and life moves on.
    Methinks that the lady is more than tough enough to do it and to pull it off.

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