The 2016 Abolition Act

28th June 2018

This is a modest proposal for legislation:

The 2016 Abolition Act

1. Other than for the purpose of giving effect to this Act, all events in 2016 shall be deemed to not have happened.

2. The year 2016 is abolished.

This will have a number of beneficial effects, not least:

By operation of law, the Act will mean that everything will revert to 31 December 2015, meaning David Bowie, Prince, and others, will still be alive.

There is even precedent.

For example, there is no year zero- 1 BC went straight to 1 AD. We have managed 2000 years with a “missing” year – indeed a leap year, and nobody cared (apart from that fanatical cult who insist centuries always start in [x]001 – they will always be careful to tell you there was no year zero, with a gleam in their staring eyes).

And in 1752 there was another precedent:

The rest of the world would have to follow our initiative:

We can be sure many Americans and others will not mind.

And if this seems too ambitious, we could do a quick fix and switch back to the Julian calendar, taking us back days before *that* referendum:

I think it is time for parliamentary democracy to re-establish itself, and this legislation will be just the thing to bring sense back to British politics.


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11 thoughts on “The 2016 Abolition Act”

  1. I don’t know what with all the hassle of Y2K and meltdown after meltdown after meltdown of the global financial system and the upcoming Y2K36 bug when all Unix time ends I’m not sure the long suffering IT professionals will be able to cope. It’s already enough of a stress when they insert the occasional ‘leap second’. Enjoying the legal stuff by the way.

  2. It’s been done already – trouble is that as soon as the act was commenced and the year vanished, the 2016 Abolition Act (2016) disappeared from the statute and we all found ourselves back at new years eve getting drunk and telling each other what a great year 2016 would be.

  3. Can we keep the money we earned during 2016? And will it be taxed if Inland Revenue can’t specify the tax period?

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