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Here is some exciting news (at least for those who like this site): I have just signed an agreement for a company to become exclusive sponsors of!

This means I will no longer be blogging here with no revenue. The exclusive sponsor will have a banner and adverts but no editorial control or influence.  The exclusive sponsor sells stuff which will be of genuine interest to those who follow legal issues in the news.

This site has never had advertising before (and a lot of online adverts for blogs are horrid and clickbaity, or make your site look like a racing car).

So to have a sponsor here is a big step.  The important thing for me was that the banner and adverts did not take away from the look and feel of this site; I like lots of clear space and I like how easy it is to scroll down posts.

It will take a couple of weeks to put in place.  And then you will find out who it is.


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4 thoughts on “Some news about”

  1. Congratulations!
    Hope all goes well and keep on “publishing”, journalism is fast becoming a dirty word in mainstream media, so we rely on sites like yours to pass on truth and fact.
    Well done.

  2. > The exclusive sponsor sells stuff which will be of genuine interest to those who follow legal issues in the news.

    Get out of jail free cards?
    Reels of red tape?
    Wig powder?
    Embarrassing details of civil servants that can be used to blackmail decent responses to Freedom of Information requests out of them?

  3. Twitter has already suggested Wikileaks, Justice Solutions International, and the Ministry of Tourism for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    I am left with Trafigura and a reputable professional body representing Osteopaths.

    Are there consulting firms and think tanks who might assist the MoJ with their endeavours towards a British Bill of Rights, for a modest consultancy fee, who rightly regard your blog as being worthy of support?

  4. I’m very happy that you will now be sponsored (by my employer no less!) or I would never have found your blog which is both illuminating and amusing, a thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking read.

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