Law and policy round-up: Do Ministers know best?

10th February 2016

This is today’s law and policy round-up.


Ministers really do know best, it would seem.

A couple of days ago the Attorney-General – whose office is still narked at losing the Evans and Prince of Wales letter case [2015] UKSC 21 – gave a speech where he explained why ministers were better guardians of the public interest than judges.

And yesterday at a parliamentary committee, Justice Minister Shailesh Vara responded defiantly to powerful recent criticism by the Master of the Rolls on the shoddy MoJ research into the effect of court fees.

But meanwhile, back in the real world, the Intelligence and Security Select Committee published a scathing report on how Ministers did not have any clue why they were asking for the surveillance powers in the new Investigatory Powers Bill.

It would appear Ministers do not know best, after all.



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