British Bill of Rights: Today at the Ministry of Justice

15th February 2016

There is speculation that the long-awaited proposals for a British Bill of Rights will be published this week.

Let’s see what is happening today at the Ministry of Justice:

“Welcome everyone, please sit so you can see this whiteboard.  I am allocating you one right each. We will get the Bill of Rights proposal done today.”


“If we do the rights before lunch, that means we have all afternoon to do all the exceptions. Let’s get going.  We will brainstorm and workshop this.”

“Brainstorm and workshop are not verbs.”

“Sorry, Lord Chancellor.”

The brainstorm and workshop begins.

“Right to life…hmmm”

“Privacy, what do we mean by “privacy”?”

“Freedom of…what?”

“Errrrrr, fair trials means…”

It is not going well.

“Come on, it cannot be that difficult to draft a “Bill of Rights”. We have been promising it since 2006.”

The whiteboard remains blank.


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3 thoughts on “British Bill of Rights: Today at the Ministry of Justice”

  1. Get ECHR; scrub out title; add new title ‘Bill of Rights’.


    Just abolish s2 HRA 1998

    I’m still not sure what the point of all this is. This is the Cons ‘Ed Stone’ right?

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