Announcing the Exclusive Sponsor of Jack of Kent

29th February 2016

I am delighted to announce that the Exclusive Sponsor of Jack of Kent will be Hammicks – or “Hammicks Legal Information Services” to give them their full name.

In practice this means there will be a couple of (unobtrusive) adverts, and various book recommendations.  They have no editorial control or influence.

If you value this blog and its content, please do click on the links to Hammicks and have a browse.

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2 thoughts on “Announcing the Exclusive Sponsor of Jack of Kent”

  1. Not Carter Ruck, then?

    Meanwhile, I wish Hammicks well; and I will be interested to see if their website is bright enough to pick out relevant texts, from your published text, and display them on the ‘landing page’ for links on this blog.

    That’s an interesting test of ‘smart search’ and semantic algorithms. Or a test as to whether they value your traffic enough to put an intern on it: human effort is the ultimate compliment in a world of automation.

    And, as in any matter of law, there are deeper issues: online advertising is a cesspit of intrusion and malware – and Hammick, as an online business, know that they need effective advertising channels uncontaminated by the malpractices of an industry gone to the bad.

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