The “Carlile Doctrine”

15th November 2015

Lord Carlile has used the atrocities two days ago in Paris as the basis for calling for proposed new UK surveillance laws to be “expedited”.

It is, of course, far too early to say whether anything about the French attacks warrants any legal change in UK.

For example, France already has more extensive surveillance laws than UK, and the atrocities still happened.

This does not matter to Lord Carlile and the rest of the security lobby. They have a pretext for demanding more legal powers for the security services, and so they do.

We should now have a name for this opportunistic approach, and perhaps a good name for it would be the Carlile Doctrine:

Any act of terrorism will justify more legal powers for security forces, regardless of what it is.



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7 thoughts on “The “Carlile Doctrine””

  1. *sighs* Clearly His Lordship is unfamiliar with; tor, the darknet, silk market, etc. However I sincerely doubt the terrorists share this ignorance. Terrorists will not communicate via facebook and yahoo mail. Osama Bin Laden didn’t even use the internet – preferring to have all of his videos hand-delivered by minions. All the snoopers charter will do is force up the cost of an internet connection (as storing all this data will require a) enormous servers and b) people to maintain them). Terrorists and criminals do not use the open net. I forget who said it, but saying if you have nothing to hide you have never to fear, is like saying you are in favour of banning free speech as you have nothing to say. And I cannot overstate the cost!

  2. Rushing through flawed legislation as a knee jerk reaction is never a good idea. Neither will rushing off to bomb ISIS/Syria/Iraq or anywhere else for that matter. But then as we’ve already learned with Cameron and co all they do is chase after friendly headlines in the tabloids rather than actually think through what they are doing and what the consequences will be

  3. I thought the Lib Dems were against the Snooper’s Charter (which btw anybody who is in the least bit IT savvy will be able to circumnavigate). Politicians are using these awful atrocities as an excuse to expedite new laws to take away our freedoms and liberties.

    To those who say if you’ve got nothing to hide then you’ve got nothing to fear, I ask if you have curtains in your house? No I don’t want people snooping on my emails and browsing history and there already exists measures in law to spy on people the authorities deem appropriate to watch and monitor their activities.

    Cameron says the terrorists want to take away our freedoms, yet his response is to take away all our freedoms so there are none left for the terrorists to take. If they stopped bombing the Middle East then perhaps it would not inspire these religious nut jobs to carry out such disgusting acts of terror in the first place.

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