Law and policy round-up – legal aid crisis talks continue, court orders

4th August 2015

Legal Aid Crisis

Talks continue at the Ministry of Justice – a joint statement by the the two criminal solicitors’ groups the LCCSA and CLSA.

Comment: The boycott by solicitors of criminal legal aid work since 1 July 2015 is continuing (though it is now focused on crown court work only); the “no returns” policy of criminal legal barristers since 27 July 2015 is now also beginning to have an impact.  The crown courts are gradually coming to a halt.

It is thereby good that these talks are taking place and that there are further talks planned. The lack of confrontational public statements by the MoJ is welcome.

Gove’s absence at this second session of talks was a disappointment; but at least someone from the Criminal Bar Association managed to turn up this time.  The MoJ is plainly playing hardball over the (flawed) “dual contract” model which is intended to somehow restructure (“consolidate”) the supply of criminal legal aid services.  The MoJ is, however, being more flexible about the 1 July 2015 cut and appears to accept that there could be a case for suspending it (though not removing it completely).


The Guardian view on cuts to the justice budget: eroding the rule of law – Guardian

Comment: Good, strong – and detailed – editorial. Well worth reading carefully.


Why lawyers are taking on the government  – by Oliver Carter, at Left Foot Forward

Comment: Nicely done, informative piece with many helpful links.


Court Orders

Illegal immigrants to UK face eviction without court order under new plans – Guardian

Comment: JoK is a primarily a law and policy blog, and so is not really concerned with areas of substantive law; but what is worrying about this news report is the notion that there could be a return to the pre-1957 days of evictions without court orders, as former appeals judge Sir Henry Brooke noted on Twitter.


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  1. Agree re the Guardian piece; it would have been even stronger had it mentioned the Criminal Courts Charge.

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