“Lord John Marbury”

11th July 2015

So sad to hear of the death of Roger Rees.

His Lord John Marbury in the West Wing was wonderful, and this scene in particular was memorable.

“You are all frightened. As well you should be…”


The scripts did the work of, course; but Rees made the character alive and real.



You just wanted to know what he thought, what he would say next, and how he would say it.  You wanted to know how his worldly yet erudite British empiricism would supplement and put right the silly superficial idealism bouncing around the Oval Office.

Not bad for a cameo.

He also was a marvelous Peter Quince in the 1999 film version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

A bad loss. RIP.


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9 thoughts on ““Lord John Marbury””

  1. I first came across him when taken to the theatre, he was an epic Nicholas Nickleby with David Threlfall as Smike. Epic as the production was so long, six hours if I recall correctly. I loved him in The West Wing too.

    1. A lot of people saw him in Nicholas Nickleby and all say similar things; I wish I had. Am going to hunt out the filmed version.

  2. The incorrect title and some of the oddly phrased Anglicisms made me wince, but it was a good and well acted role all the same. Titles seem to have been a weak point in the West Wing – I also remember hearing “Her Highness Queen Elizabeth Windsor” and “the Royal Sultan” in other episodes. Still a great show though.

    1. But the titles only are incorrect if they were all English titles.

      Of course they were a mix of Irish and English titles ;-)

      1. Ah, so you’re suggesting his Earldom was Irish but he was also the son of a British Duke or similar? I suppose I can just about buy that that’s what they were going for… :)

        1. I remember devising some elaborate explanation to justify all the titles along those lines :-) It would explain why he uses the British title as ambassador but also has the Irish earldom and so on :-)

          1. Good show. If only it explained how he had been the British Ambassador to Pakistan rather than High Commissioner! :)

    2. If the ennobled Alan Brooke could become Lord Alanbrooke, then surely Lord Johnmarbury’s title is simply misspelled rather than inaccurate.

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