Law and policy round-up: Gove’s first speech, and so on

25th June 2015

Michael Gove has given his first major speech as Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice.  It is worth reading carefully and in full.

In tone and analysis it was a great improvement on his predecessor; but it was weak on practical policy.  My post on it will be up in a day or two.

The following pieces provide good and useful commentary on the speech:

John Hyde (Law Society Gazette)

Rupert Myers (Telegraph)

Robin Murray (Justice Gap)

Yesterday came the perhaps significant announcement that criminal lawyers – both barristers and solicitors – in Merseyside are going to take action in respect of the upcoming legal aid cuts.

If this protest holds and spreads, this will create a huge problem for the Ministry of Justice – the cooperation of criminal lawyers is crucial for the operation of the criminal justice system.  The statement is here (and a news report is here).

Other meetings of criminal lawyers to discuss similar action are to take place elsewhere in England and Wales over the next few days….

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