New Website!

I have finally got my own website!


My intention is to use this new website for blogging as well as for creating detailed resource pages on issues I write about (including BCA v Simon Singh, TwitterJokeTrial, NightJack, Johann Hari, phone and computer hacking, libel and privacy law, and so on).  I will also use this website for linking to my writing elsewhere (mainly at the New Statesman and The Lawyer), and for links to my podcasting (especially Without Prejudice) and activism (usually through Westminster Skeptics).


The old blog will remain at for now (or as long as Blogger allows), but the intention is to move most of the useful material from my posts there over here for the dedicated resource pages, which will be added to or amended over time.  These resource pages will also be open to comments.


It is rather strange starting an entirely new website; it has been four-and-a-half years since I started Jack of Kent on Blogger.  Any constructive comments on this website welcome; indeed, to begin with, so will any comments at all!  And bear with me, I may well make some mistakes here as I start something new.


Many thanks to the estimable Alan Henness for his work on setting this website up for me. I disregarded a lot of what he said, so all the faults you will notice are entirely my fault…




14 thoughts on “New Website!”

  1. This is a fantastic idea. I may not always agree with some of your views but I do always find them entertaining and thought provoking, not to mention educational.

    Hope it’s a great success for you.

  2. Posh new website all right but how can we be sure it’s the real JackofKent? Some paragraphs contain multiple sentences. Very suspicious.

  3. Excellent stuff! One minor query: the “Contact” and “Disclaimer” links at the bottom of each page go to that page’s address with “#” tagged onto the end – so jump up to the top of the page – not certain if this was the intended idea?

  4. It looks great. Like the simplicity. Now all we need to do is work out how to get it into the RSS aggregator. All the very best, I love your writing, even if I don’t always agree with it.

  5. Awesome, congratulations. Have looked for myself under your excellent list of likes and dislikes, and think I mostly come under the category of ‘earnest people generally’. *pales*

  6. Wish you, and this website, great success and long may you raise issues for the reason of contemporary debate.

  7. I write a blog entitled Peterborough Tribune, it orginally started out as a neighbourhood watch blog for my area, but as the four local councillors for Stanground Ward wanted to censor our output, and close down our award winning scheme, the name of the blog was changed but we kept the original blogger URL. At times when some decidedly wicked tactical moves were being ranged against us, a regular dip into the Jack of Kent website not only provided reassurance but snippets of legal justification for our own actions. Keep up the good work and rest assured I will be following you even more closely with your new website. So a big thank you!

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